I feel great when i talk to my mei mei ♥



자신의 의심에 적당한 정보를 찾고, 타인의 목적과 동기를 악의적으로 대체시킨다 두려움을 확정짓는 현실을 창조함으로써

강한 벽을 쌓고 경계를 더욱 강화시킨다.

자신에 대한 정보가 자신을 이용하는데 사용될 것이라고 생각해서
자신에 대한 어떤 것을 밝히기를 거부한다

편집증 성격장애자들은

강박증의 특징인 경직됨과 완벽주의를 함께 가지고 있다

편집증 성격 장애자는 믿음에 대한 기본 능력이 파괴 되었다


Gemma Louise Ward.

she is the best<3

BUT sadly, she doesnt work as a model now..


Hyerim Park

이름: 박혜림(혜박)
출색:1985년 1월 17일
신체:178cm 48kg
소속사:트럼프모델 매니지먼트
학력:유타주립대학교 생물학 학사
경력:H&M, 케라시스, 돌체 앤 가바나, 마크 제이콥스, 프라다, 샤넬, 까발ㄹ, 로베르토, 에르메스 모델 등

-H&M, Kerasis, Dolce n Gabana, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Prada, Chanel…

-First Asian Model of Prada and Chanel

-Top model; once 18th in world ranking, 1st in Asian models




Remember it is in troubled times that we grow the most.”

"기억하라 바로 어려운 때에 우리는 가장 많이 성장한다는 것을"


YO!! Hmm Today is the last day of this week and i gonna recall on what’ve happened for the last three or two days.Actually, I should have posted this yesterday but my stupid asshole comp got to be retarded(slow) and i couldn’t, so im posting now:(

IMP; btw HAPPY B’DAY to ALEX(my Korean-german relative♥) and HAPPY B’day to Moo moo JiaYu(Friend of my entire life♥)

Mm, Friday night, moo moo arrived at my place!! It was raining super heavily when she reached here. And her Thomas had been soaked in the 大雨. Some time had passed while we chatted and so on, we watched a film, called The Proposal(Sandra Bullock!XD I thought that i shall bring my other frens or fam there once again. After that was giving the B’day card and gifts to moo moo. Yeah! she said ours was the 1st *proud x2* . Next, we bought brownie mix and jelly powder at giant and spent lyk an hour at DAISO> it’s totally a fascinating place that made me wanna come again, vry vry soon. I bought a mirror, mr,nugoonugoo[lol, no one will noe except me, moo moo and coco] and a tray for baking choco brownie. Back to home, we directly baked brownie and made fruit jelly. The process of doing those was so fun! Everything turned out great. Those products we made were superb(Y) WE swam again and had lotz of fun, particularly becoz of mr.nugoonugoo and ms.pancake. lol lol lol. Well, just before moo moo went back to her house, we celebrated her b’day in advanced again, but this time was more “formal” way with the lighted candles on the homemade borwnie cake. Hoped moo moo liked it. well, she seemed to be.
So0o0oO0o, here comes the end. wow, i just gave a glance to look at what i was just writing and.. its.. long. i gonna sleep now. BYE:D

L&#8217;amore fa passare il tempo, e il tempo fa passare l&#8217;amore
Love makes you forget about time, and time makes you forget about love.
사랑은 시간을 잊게하고 시간은 사랑을 잊게한다. 

L’amore fa passare il tempo, e il tempo fa passare l’amore

Love makes you forget about time, and time makes you forget about love.

사랑은 시간을 잊게하고 시간은 사랑을 잊게한다. 

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